Frequently Asked Questions

Why is our name Hypro?
The name "Hypro" means absolutely nothing to us.
The word itself has several meanings but the most common is the abbreviation of "Hydroxyproline" in medical, which is not at all what we intended to identify as. The name was chosen out of no where and on our research we could not find any other teams in the space with that same title. This was very important because it meant we could pursue our own unique identity and become established as the one and only "Hypro Gaming".

Can you join Hypro?

This is likely our most asked question.
On our Website we have a contact feature that can be found on the Contact Page.
There you can reach out to us and provide all of your critical information as well as tell us why you should join Hypro, however keep in mind while we appreciate your passion for the team, there are too many of you reaching out to us, and we can’t look and reply to every single individual.
So do your best to stand out.

We will offer recruitment challenges such as the #HyproRC from time to time. Other than that, we prefer to approach the players that we want to work with.

Will we expand into other games?

Currently we are very happy with Fortnite and Valorant as our main focus. 

Besides that, we will continue to keep an eye out on the potential to expand into other games if the opportunity presents itself.

How to support us?

The biggest and most valued means of support that people can provide to us is through financial investments. If interested in making a financial contribution visit our Discord Server and follow the instructions in
the 【💸】𝘚𝘶𝘱𝘱𝘰𝘳𝘵-𝘜𝘴 channel.
Other than that support us by following, sharing, and interacting with our social media channels, this will help us grow. It’s even better to do the same for our players and partners.

On top of that, you can directly support us by buying items from our shop.

Thank you so much to every single fan out there. We truly appreciate you!